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About Prophecy Plus

Prophecy Plus is a ministry dedicated to teaching the Bible, particularly, Bible Prophecy. 

This ministry takes prophecy serious knowing that to be ready and prepared for the great events to occur on earth one must have a clear and correct understanding of Bible prophecy. However, more importantly one must have a relationship with the Author of Bible Prophecy.   Prophecy Plus has the presupposition that the Bible is its own expositor.  Prophecy Plus endeavors to remove the misconception of the bible is difficult to understand. So, we seek to make understanding the Bible so easy that even a child could understand.  This ministry seeks to achieve this by allowing the bible to explain itself.   

For many, Daniel and Revelation are mysterious and fearful books of the Bible and often left unread.  Others read them through a Preterist or a Futurist lens arriving at conclusions about future events on earth foreign to early Protestant Reformers and even Jesus Himself.  Prophecy Plus uses the Historicist method to understand these prophetic books.  This method is the same illustrated in the bible and used by the Protestant Reformers.  Prophecy Plus uses the Bible and Bible Prophecy as a filter to correctly understand our world’s political and religious activities and events.